Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have gathered and answered some of the questions we receive most frequently about the quiz competition.

Q: Who can apply?

A:  Anyone who would like to have the experience of their lives can play and apply. You do not need to have any previous racing experience. To have a chance to win you must be a resident of the country where the current quiz competition takes place, be at least 18 years old and you must understand English.

Q: Who will win?

A: Anyone who master the quiz and ends up in the top ten list when the competition ends, and that has written a motivation, has the chance to win. EKS will choose one of the ten motivations – this is the winner.

Q: Can the winner bring a friend?

A: Of course. Since shared joy is double joy, the winning prize is arranged for two.

Q: Can I play several times?

A: Yes, you can play how many times you like.

Q: Why do I have to have a Facebook account to apply?

A: We have chosen to use Facebook because it’s easier for you to join the competition since you don’t have to fill in a lot of contact information and you can easily share the quiz and challenge your friends to a quiz battle.

Q: How do I know if I won?

A: You will be contacted by EKS.

Q: What happens if I win and am not able to go?

A: EKS will choose another motivation from the top ten list and contact that person.

Q: If I win, what do I do and what do I need to bring?

A: Basically, you do not need to bring anything other than the personal items that you would like to have with you. EKS/Audi Sport will provide all the gear you need to be a team member of EKS. You will be picked up at the train station or airport and from that point until we say, ‘Thank you and goodbye’ we’ll take care of everything.

Q: Who pays for the trip back and forth?

A: Audi will pay for your travel, although we reserve the right to choose the means of transportation.